Ladies Ballroom

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Our heels are made using the highest quality Polycarbon, tested and approved by SATRA. The tubes which run through the heels and act as the structural core, are made from toughened steel for extra strength, so you can dance knowing that the heels will always support you.

The Heel Tips that we use are made from the latest ‘Anti-Slip’ material, giving the best grip available from a conventional heel tip.






The Linings and Socking are made from a high quality microfiber, which is coated with an anti-microbial layer, to provide maximum comfort for your feet, whilst helping to keep them fresh from the first dance to the last.

We use charcoal impregnated latex orthotics underneath our socks, which have an integral arch and metatarsal support. These provide additional cushioning and support, whilst also, again, helping to keep the feet fresh.

 The backs of our shoes benefit from the use of sports grade support material. This means that no matter how hot your feet become, the backs will retain their shape and continue to support your ankle.

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