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Ray Rose Ltd., is the culmination of over 30 years dedication to, and development of, high quality shoes for dancers, by the Ray Rose Company.
Dancing has evolved considerably over the past 10 to 20 years, and the Latin American and Standard dancers of today combine both athleticism an artistic interpretation, with an intensity greater than those of previous generations. We believe that it is the responsibility of the dance shoe manufacturer to rise to the challenge and produce dance shoes that meet the needs of the modern dancer.

We have risen to that challenge, by incorporating the following into the Ray Rose range:

  • Sports orthotics made from charcoal impregnated latex with metatarsal and arch supports.
  • Heels made from stress tested Polycarbonate.
  • "Anti-Slip" heel tips for ladies` shoes.
  • Sports grade material in the back of the shoe, giving extra support to the ankle.
  • Antibacterially coated microfiber socking and lining.
  • Charcoal impregnated men`s shoes lining
  • Men's "Pro-Glide" heel range which incorporates sports cushioning and a revolutionary "Anti-Slip" design.
  • An exclusively developed "Pro Sports" range incorporating additional features.


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