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Now that Great Britain is no longer a member of the European Union, there have been some changes to the costs for goods we ship to EU countries. Due to the abrubt nature of these changes, limited information has been made available, and so some parts of the shipping process are currently unclear, and may vary depending on the relevant authorites in the destination country, as well as the shipping method used.

However, in the interest of transparency and assisting our customers to the best of our ability, we will continue to gather information, and update our website accordingly. We have therefore outlined, below, the changes as we are currently aware of them.

- As a member of the European Union, we were required to charge Valued Added Tax (VAT) on all items sent to non VAT registered customers within EU countries. This is no longer the case, so when placing an order through our website to be sent to an EU destination country, VAT will be removed during the checkout process.

        e.g. previous cost of BW111 Bryan Watson to EU country: €120.83 + €24.17 VAT = €145.00 (excluding shipping)
               current cost of BW111 Bryan Watson to EU country: €120.83 (excluding shipping) *

               *prices correct as per 03/02/2021

- Whilst the cost paid directly to us is now lower, shipments may incur customs/handling fees upon arrival in the destination country. This may include taxation of goods at the rate of tax in the destination country. In the event that such fees are imposed, customers will be required to pay them in order to receive the related shipment.

Unfortunately these fees are beyond our control, and will vary depending on the destination. We are therefore currently unable to provide specific information in advance for individual orders.


Ray Rose products are of 'Preferencial Origin', and should benefit from a zero rate of duty. We are therefore working diligently to ensure that all couriers we use are provided with the relevant documentation, in order to minimise additional charges as much as possible.


If you have any questions, please feel fee to contact us via the Contact Us page, or by e-mail at