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Size Chart/Ladies Heel Guide

Size guide

Below are a set of conversion tables from UK shoe sizes into the other international sizes. All Ray Rose shoes are sold in UK sizes.



The above size charts provide an approximate conversion of international sizes based on a traditional English size grading.

Whilst we find this to be generally accurate, we often find that customers prefer a half size smaller in our Latin sandals, as they are usually worn more tightly than street shoes.

Ladies' latin Heel guide

Height Measurements

There is, unfortunately, no standardised method for measuring heel heights, so what one manufacturer calls a 3” heel may be different to that of another manufacturer.

The names given to our heels are based on the height taken up the back of the heel mold in inches, without the heel tip. With the heel tip included, the height taken at the back of the heel will therefore be slightly higher.

Whilst fundamentally accurate, the heights stated are also, in some cases, an approximation, for the purpose of simplification.

In the interest of clarity, we have therefore also included, in the heel guide above, the precise measurements at the back of the heels in cm, with the plastic tip included.