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At Ray Rose ArtSport we produce a range of dance shoe accessories, as well as an exclusive range of dancewear, with our ArtSport logo.

All our heel tips are made from a specially developed "anti slip" material.

We offer heel protectors for a variaty of heel shapes and sizes, with either normal and suede bases (some heels only).

Our Slim Fit Converters are cushioned inserts which have been developed to convert a Medium Fitting Sandal to a 'Slim' fitting, and are specifically designed for all sizes and colours in our Ladies' Latin Sandal range.

Simply peel off the paper and stick the pads directly onto the innersock.

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Shoe Horn | Sale

€5,00 bez VAT

Heel Tips

Od €2,08 bez VAT

Kimono | Sale

€41,63 bez VAT

Sandal Slim Fit Converters

€6,50 bez VAT


€10,00 bez VAT


Od €75,00 bez VAT

Wooden Shoe Brush

€7,50 bez VAT